South Coast Grand Prix Feb 2018

5 players travelled up to the South Coast Grand Prix in Kinsale. This is a new series of events organised by the South Coast TTC. Alan Hurley and Tony Leahy have come up with a new format for events which gives a great opportunity for players to get competitive matches.

Every player that attended got a minimum of 7 matches in a round robin format against players of equal ability. The atmosphere was great and the kids really got to enjoy the day.

Jasmine Kelly played in the 1st Division, in with the lads and Nora O’Sullivan. She had some really competitive matches and even went to 20/18 against Nora in one of her last games.


Ben Horgan and Cathal O’Driscoll flew the flag for Bantry with Ben coming out just a little ahead of Cathal in their division.

Two of our youngest players Lee Moynihan and Damien Williams were in the same division and there were so many matches going to 5 sets I was exhausted from the tension and I wasn’t even playing. In his first match Damien was down 2 sets but managed to crawl his way back into the match and take the final set.


Both lads had similar records and their last match was a head to head. Lee took the first set and was ahead in the second when Damien started to fade after a long day. After a quick word of encouragement he managed to rally his energy and the two of them battled their way to the very end with Lee just taking the final point. There were smiles all round as it was a great match and a fitting end to a fun and competitive day.

Full credit to the South Coast Club and a big thank you to Brenda behind the café counter. Kate and Suki from West Cork who helped organise a division of 8 girls, many of whom it was their first tournament.
We had hoped that a couple of teams would take part in the Schools event this Thursday but with the Beast from the East blowing in and snow forecast the event has been postponed.

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