1st West Cork Rankings

We just had our first West Cork Ranking for sometime. They are very tricky to organise but we just pushed ahead and had one on Saturday 8th October. Numbers were not great and I am hoping this was just because we haven’t had one for a while and we picked a Saturday which appeared to clash with a lot of other events, everyone is so busy these days!


We had three divisions and everyone who came seemed to enjoy the experience. I was especially delighted to see a group of our very young players and the quality of play was great. Seamus from Bantry ended up topping the group but only just as Lee put on a great comeback display pushing Seamus to the very end.


In fact he was 8-4 up in the fifth but Seamus’s tenacity saw him through in the end. This was Lee, Damien and Paddy’s first tournament and there was lots of excitement. Thanks to Mair for keeping a watchful eye on them.


Division 2 saw some more close action with Seamus’s brother Donal in top form with a great win in the group. A welcome return from Patrick Sheehan delivered a Silver medal from the Schull CC student when he overcame Cathal O’Driscoll in a 5 set marathon. Cathal is just recovering from a spout of illness and found himself struggling. Odhran Sommers from Bantry took the third place with three 5 set battles he must have been exhausted. Leon found himself in a very tough group but showed great composure against the older boys.


Division 1 was dominated by Erik Olsson who retains his No.1 position. Liam Hayes was very pumped up during the event and had to be calmed down but there was not stopping him as he took second place in a tough group and he was delighted.


Third place came to a count back between three players which was won by Oisin Barrett (Schull CC) who beat Daniel Collins but lost to Jasmine Kelly. Jasmine took 4th with Daniel 5th. Alex Maguire went 5 sets with both Oisin and Jasmine but failed to record a win even though he is showing tremendous improvement.


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