West Cork Table Tennis is Pure Gold

Conn Higgins, Jorg Uschkamp, Hu Wei Xin & WCTTA Elite players at launch in Crookhaven
Conn Higgins, Jorg Uschkamp, Hu Wei Xin & WCTTA Elite players at launch in Crookhaven

The WCTTA is delighted to announce a new sponsorship deal with local West Cork business Jorg Goldsmith Studio. The WCTTA run a number of successful proficiency awards and the new Gold Award is West Cork Table Tennis’s top award. Jorg’s Goldsmith Studio has a well deserved reputation for quality and innovative design which is exactly what the WCTTA were looking for to represent its new award.

“The Gold Award is unlike any of our other awards”

said WCTTA Chairman Owen Kelly,

“the award is designed to encourage and reward our members to look beyond just playing the game and towards ways of supporting and volunteering within the whole table tennis community.”

The innovative concept will be delivered on a points system with 1000 points being the objective and there are four areas where these can be gained.

Performance points are collected for representing national, provincial and local teams. There are Coaching Points for those who help out and pass on their skills to other players as well as attending coach education courses. Umpiring Points for helping out at the various events including Primary School and West Cork Rankings and finally one of the most important aspects is the Volunteer Points where players are encouraged to sign up for organisations including Special Olympics and Paralympics Ireland.

“Many players are unaware that the skills they have learnt through playing table tennis are extremely valuable to voluntary organisations,”

continued Owen Kelly who has been Head Coach for Munster Special Olympics for over 15 years,

“We run a number of events for special needs athletes and we are desperately short of experienced umpires, this year we had local WCTTA members assist with the Munster SO Regional Games and it proved a great success, we hope this award scheme will help us expand that aspect of our sport.”

Jorg Uschkamp is originally from Germany where table tennis is a very popular sport and he has followed closely the growth of the sport in his own village of Crookhaven. The winner of the West Cork Rankings this season Erik Olsson is the son of Emma & Freddy who own the Crookhaven Inn right next door to his studio.

“We live in a small village but I have seen how even our own local children benefit from being involved in table tennis and they travel all over the country” said Jorg.

Erik was one of the Silver Medal Team that represented Munster this year at the Interprovincial Championships and another resident Niall O’Driscoll travelled with the West Cork Team to the International Youth Cup in Belgium last month.

“My wife Anne and I are extremely happy to be involved with the new Gold Award and to help encourage the kids from all over West Cork,”

said Jorg at the launch of the new scheme outside his shop in Crookhaven.

Also attending the launch  were the new Irish Table Tennis High Performance Director Conn Higgins and former Chinese National Coach Hu Wei Xin along with four members of the West Cork Elite Squad, James Kelly (U15 No.1), Aaron Olsson (U11 No.1), Erik Olsson (U13 No.1), Mair Kelly (U18 No.1).

WCTTA Gold Award
WCTTA Gold Award

2 thoughts on “West Cork Table Tennis is Pure Gold

  1. I am extremely proud of my West Cork Table Tennis award… I don’t have many medals or trophies but this is very special!

    I was talking to my brother Joe in the States today (Joe went to Berkeley and we were thinking of him today, obviously). He was highly impressed when I told him about your camp and knew all about “Table Tennis Diplomacy”!




    1. There have been very few hournary Gold Awards your was and is very well deserved a real West Cork friend even if you live in Kerry!
      I will have to put up a list of previous winners I can only think of 5 in total.


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