Belgium or Bust


It is 13 years since a West Cork Team traveled to Hasselt in Belgium (2002) for the International Youth Cup and today we go again! This is the one the players have been waiting for the chance to travel abroad to play in and against some of the best players and clubs in Europe.

The Boys will be playing in the Junior Division and their first match is against a team from Köln (Cologne) in Germany who won a Bronze Medal at the EUC. Also in their group are 2 Dutch Teams Rijswijk, a town near the Hague in southern Holland and Flash another Dutch Club that play in a League in Eindhoven.

The Girls also playing in the Junior Division are up against the Gilrs from Rijswijk in Holland as well as a combined team from Schloβ Holte/Kleve the former a town in mid northwest Germany and the latter a city on the western boarder with Holland. The fourth team in the group is another combined team Bech-Maacher from the south of Luxemburg.

UCD will also be taking part from Ireland in the Junior Boys and the Cadet Boys events.

The teams will be staying in Antwerp about an hour away from the event and traveling each day, this is thanks to the Barretts who used to play with us in Goleen. they moved to Belgium last year and Mair & James have already visited them. Ana and Oisin will take part in the teams. We are looking forward to the Barretts return to Ireland next year.

West Cork has had a long relationship with Celtic Table Tennis (20+yrs) and we would like to thank them for their support once again as we fly the flag! I am sure you will join me wishing the team good luck in the event. Bon Voyage!

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